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Hare with Amber Eyes

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Re: Hare with Amber Eyes

Postby josephrobert » Sat May 12, 2018 8:50 pm

Thank you for your replies; some very interesting comments indeed. It looks like it would be worthwhile clearing a few things up to help people understand why I made my initial post.

Mum died 3 months ago, leaving me, the sole remaining family member to administer her estate. Unfortunately this has left more questions than answers; I realise how little I know about mum's possessions and family members long gone. For example when I looked at photos stored in a cupboard, all I could see were strangers staring back.

It has proved some solace to learn as much as I can from the little I have left, with this hare of particularly focus as it doesn't fit with anything else, let alone the high standard of workmanship. Mum wouldn't have realised how interesting this hare is to people who collect Netsuke / Okimono; again it appears to have generated more questions than answers.

I made no mention about it being for sale because that would be advertising and that's not what bulletin boards / forums are for. On balance it had to be sold, because of immediate cash flow and I don't appreciate as much as I hope the next owner will. Once that decision was made, then it was important to know as much as possible to get the most I can get for the estate and to ensure that I'm describing it as accurately as possible.

The feeling of the hare is particularly keen when it is viewed with the right of his head in the foreground and viewed further away than the close up shots in the photos above. It's not apparent from these photos that he is actually cowering / scared / in fear / secondary to something the hare can see. For all it's apparent qualities shown in the photos it is this quality / sense of emotion that makes it so special.

While I might find out more about this hare in the future, all I can do is to surmise that the hare must have been made more recently than most. However I surmise that it was not made recently, clearly I cannot be exact with the little knowledge I have in this area. To it's material, well showing my ignorance I thought it was resin, because the hare was so well finished, however following a conversation with an interested buyer who alluded to what it was made of, I realised that it wasn't resin. His allusion confused me, and I looked at the list of materials Netsuke could be made of and eventually it dawned on me what this buyer was referring too. Sounds silly I'm sure, and it does to me now, but this is not something I have ever dealt with; this is not my world.

I do wish to underline that I appreciate the very well structured, articulate and well versed responses. Thank you.

Just one more thing. I was looking through this ... 5/60537988 and came across the list of signatures on pages 194-6. One did jump out - not for an accurate facsimile - but the structure and feeling looked to similar to ignore - number 931.

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