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Introduction of fairer rules

Please let us know what features you think could improve the forum. Remember the work is done for free and the love of Netsuke so be gentle with ideas.
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Introduction of fairer rules

Postby ModTeam » Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:51 pm

Dear Community,

In disharmonious situations, we understand it might not have been obvious regarding the level of interaction the moderator team facilitates behind the scenes. The moderator team use an instant chat application, installed on each team members mobile phone, to discuss current or pressing issues. Once an action is agreed, a team member volunteers (or is selected) to take the action under their individual moderator account.

A small subset of those who have been on the receiving end of an intervention from the moderation team, have complained they were left feeling decisions taken were biased. This is not the case, and the team remains objective in its decisions, although understandably restricted by any sensitive information we can reasonably share between those involved. The team tends to act swiftly, removing offensive comments, long before most of the community get a chance to read them. We do however acknowledge, why some members without all those facts to hand, fail to shake the feeling of 'victim syndrome'.

Whilst the Moderator team cannot offer psychotherapist sessions for the small minority that cause disruption, we have been in discussions related to adjustments that help clarify a fairer position on the conduct of behaviour, for the whole community.

  • This announcement has been posted from the ModTeam account. Any member of the moderator team may log into this account, at any point, to perform a moderation action. All moderation action, going forward, will be performed via this account. We have created a set of templates that will be copied and pasted in given circumstances.

    This adjustment highlights that moderation actions are taken by the team, not any one individual. Templates will make action taken, impersonal and consistent.

  • Off Topic digressions will be given room to breathe. The community will be left to digress, at their own leisure. The moderator team will then reorganise digressions, a day or so after, the thread has come to a natural pause.

    This adjustment allows the community a more natural flow, and control, of content.

  • We have updated the Forum Rules page found at the top of every forum ( viewtopic.php?f=260646&t=7940197 ). We draw your attention to an edit to the Code of Conduct under section 2, item b. We have appended some new items (i to iv), detailing a clear procedure any member of the moderator team will undertake in breach of item b.

    This adjustment clarifies the no nonsense approach the moderation team will enact in the case of future forum disharmony.

Fortunately the application of the new rules will only be relevant to a small minority that cause malicious disharmony for the rest of the community. The rules now provide a clear process allowing every member to understand how the moderator team will react to breaches of conduct.

We believe these adjustments provide a fairer framework to encourage the community to share in confidence (without fear of abuse), personal findings, or participate in debates, related to the study of Netsuke and Sagemono.

The ModTeam

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Re: Introduction of fairer rules

Postby DSW90049 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 3:01 pm

"There is no shortcut to netsuke collecting; it takes time, study and patience. The market is flooded with utterly worthless rubbish. . . . "
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Re: Introduction of fairer rules

Postby LUBlub » Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:56 pm

Yes, bravo)
Thanks to ModTeam for the new controls governing the life and exchanges of our forum ... it was a long time that were required to bring serenity and calm intervening with the minority (fortunately) inbalancing the forum ... nobody here is teacher of professor of no one but all students at different levels in the study and sharing the art of netsuke ... only the real experts recognized as such (as an example i quote Alan Ducros, Neil Holton, Bandini, etc and other respected names that do not yet participate in the life of active forum) have natural authority to "declare" something in spite, surely, they too are subject to human mistakes...all others, we, collectors, give opinions with an honest profile and modesty ...
Particularly happy (congratulations!) and appropriate the phrase that reinforces the function of Mod's, ans need to write posts with responsibility and psychological balance:
Whilst the Moderator team cannot offer psychotherapist sessions for the small minority that cause disruption, we have been in discussions related to adjustments that help clarify a fairer position on the conduct of behaviour, for the whole community.
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