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Quick Start Guide - Reading and Posting Messages

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Quick Start Guide - Reading and Posting Messages

Postby souldeep » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:14 pm

The purpose of this tutorial is to help provide a quick guide to reading and sending Private Messages. For a more detailed tutorial of all the Private Messages functions please visit the UCP tutorial section.

Accessing Private Messages

Once you have logged on to the lounge you will note a number of changes to your view.

One of these changes is in relation to your Private Messages area.

To access your messages you can click on the link, circled in green in the following image, or access them via your User Control Panel. You will also note that the small read icon top right of the email envelope will let you know how many new messages are currently waiting for you to read.


Reading Private Messages

On clicking this link you will be taken to your User Control Panel with the Private Messages tab automatically selected. It is easy to identify the unread message as the icon beside each email will be highlighted in red if the message is unread. The following image shows an example of an unread email icon circled in green.


To read this email you would click on the message subject link beside the icon I have circled in this example above.

Sending Private Messages

To send a Private Message to another member of the lounge you will need to click on the Compose message tab circled in green as shown in the image below.


You are then taken to the posting page as visible in the following image. To compose the email you can see that you are presented with a posting form, similar to that which you use to submits posts under the different topic areas.


One area that differs to the posting form you use under the topics section is circled in green in the following image.


Usernames should be entered into the Add recipient text area and then either the Add, or Add [BCC], used to add the user to the appropriate recipient list.

If you are unsure of a user's name, you can use the Find a member link to search the member list for the user(s) you wish to contact. On clicking this link a new window will pop up that allows you to find members in a number of different ways.

Finding Recipients Method 1 - By Searching

If you remember part of a user name type what you remember in the Username box and a list of available members under that subset of the text you write appears in a splash box as circled in green in the image below. This splash box changes dynamically as you type reducing the list of available members under that name.


Click on the username from the list you want to send a message to and the click on the Search button. Below the Search button you will see the username(s) returned from your search. You can the tick to select multiple recipients, or just click select for an individual as circled in green, in the following image.


On clicking select the username(s) will be automatically populated back in the Add recipients box in the screen behind.

Finding Recipients Method 2 - Manually

If you just can't remember the username of the individual you wish to message, you can also use the members list to manually go through all the members and place a check next to the desired user(s) in the memberlist. In the example below I have clicked on j in the index to bring back all member names beginning with that letter.


Once you have found the user(s) press Select marked under that user and the username(s) will be automatically populated back in the Add recipients box in the screen behind.

Having completed you message all you need do now is press the Submit button.

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