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Password Problems?

This has been set up to be the main forum for members to submit questions regarding the new forum.
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Password Problems?

Postby souldeep » Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:20 pm

We are one week in from the launch of this new forum. Many members are still exploring new features. This is to be expected. Many different levels of computer literacy.

A reoccurring issue we are getting in private support is related to passwords.

Can't figure how to reset your password?

There was a tutorial in the welcome message, and further to this we added a lounge go live support post regarding resetting a password here viewtopic.php?f=494812&t=8077061. Everything you need to understand to do this is in both guides.

Changed your password but now can't get in?

Another issue is related to changing the auto generated passwords. Many members have successfully followed the guide(s) above, but then changing their passwords, and no longer being able to log back in. Those writing to us about this issue commonly believe this to be related to the new forum. I wish it was - I could deal with it easier.

Many browsers have a password remember feature built in. Unfortunately we cannot write a guide to support all your different operating systems and browsers so I hope this post, and the following information, will help you avoid needing to contact us regarding this issue.

The problem stems from members telling their local web browser to remember the password for this site.

There is no problem with this approach if you then update your web browser after you change your password on the forum.

The below image is an example of the FireFox web browser on a windows operating system offering this feature.

Below is a step by step issue of this problem for you to compare to your issue.

Step 1 - A member enters the username. Although the cursor is clearly still in the username box you can see the password has automatically populated.

Step 2 - The member is then receiving a password failed attempt message. Loop repeat.

Step 3 - After three attempts the user is then asked to not only re-enter username and password, but to also enter the text of the Captcha. A Captcha is an image that protects your accounts from malicious hack attempts by automated code. You only need to then make sure you enter the text inside this image in the box below it as shown in the following image and you will be able to log in - IF YOU ALSO TYPE YOUR CORRECT PASSWORD.

In summary - clear your password box fully, then type in the new password you recently changed, before clicking submit.
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