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How to upload an image beside your name (Avatar)

This has been set up to be the main forum for members to submit questions regarding the new forum.
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How to upload an image beside your name (Avatar)

Postby souldeep » Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:27 am

We have noticed that uploading Avatars have been challenging for a number of users.

Jan has written a guide on how to find the area in your ucp you can upload the avatar here viewtopic.php?f=494777&t=8077048

Whilst we have placed no restrictions on general upload of images - Avatars are different. They appear every time a user makes a post. The larger the file, the slower it will make the browsing experience for members visiting the forum. Because of this we have restricted the file size that can be uploaded. The file size is ample for the a maximum image size of 90px by 90px image.

What does 90px x 90px mean?

px is short for Pixels. It's a standard measurement used in the size of digital images. If you are interested to learn more about pixels you can visit

So - 90px by 90px relates to the maximum height and width of the image that is allowed in this case. It is a square measurement, so if your image is not square the upload will look to restrict the 90px measurement to either the widest width, or the tallest height.

Whilst it is impossible for us to support every members own image software, you will have a software package you probably use for photos.

Load the photo of the image you want to display next to your post name and look in your software package for an option to reduce the image size or resize a photo.

When you pick that option you will see boxes of some description that will ask you what pixel (px) you want to reduce the image to. By default it will have populated the current pixel size of your image. Find the largest of the px settings (width or height) and change that to 90px. Click OK and then save your image. You can then follow Jan's guide (link to this above) on how to upload it.

If all else fails, or you don't have image software, forward the image you would like as an avatar to and we will try our best to get it resized for you. Please make this a last resort as we are currently busy 24 hours a day supporting other enquiries as well.
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