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Van Ham - Wiedersehen mit einem Einhorn (A love letter to the Kirin)

A forum for discussions on INS-sponsor auctions from future and past.
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Re: Van Ham - Wiedersehen mit einem Einhorn (A love letter to the Kirin)

Postby souldeep » Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:54 pm

KPR wrote:You do not need teeth. You need Netsuke with a nice curved surface.

If we do the calculus on a single netsuke, to work out the curvature, we can then find the radius of the tusk from the point the material for that specific netsuke was taken from. This is only true, if the carver has not "tampered" with the curvature in carving, or heavily polished the outer layer.

If we take a collection of samples, from netsuke displaying Cementum with curvature, how do we know that they are from exactly the same cross section of tusk for us to start comparisons?

I don't see how does this get us anywhere beyond the circumference of tusk the netsuke was carved from. Surely only comparing whole tusks, or being 100% certain of which area of the tusk each piece in our study are from, will take us towards a meaningful conclusion in answer to Doug's suggestion?

Perhaps it's my maths up the spout :?
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