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Chon's Reflections

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Re: Chon's Reflections

Postby chonchon » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:49 am

We walked into a room full of bronze bells and gongs of all shapes and sizes, and there again were familiar themes for Netsuke. I saw a bronze gong that reminded me strongly of an inro that Neil Holton showed me last year in the basement of the good old Admiral Vernon in Portobello.

One room was dedicated to old scrolls and statues of dogs, 2018 next year being the Year of ... , and some of those little clay dogs even looked like Netsuke.

In one room were examples of lacquerwork from the middle ages, and there too on a bowl, and on a box, were the exact pattern of my latest black lacquer Tsuikoku Netsuke, described as 'Guri', or swirls/whorls. Suddenly I found that rather than just idly filling in the space/time we had allotted for Sanjusan-Gendo, I was actually getting some worthwhile eye-openers into Japanese culture.

The next day was Monday, Christmas Day and the market at Tenjin San (Kitano Tenmangu), and there I found a red lacquer Tsuishi example of my black Tsuikoku Netsuke with the same Guri patterns. Oh, if only I had had the courage to buy it, even at that price! I had the money in my pocket, but simply could not justify the purchase. I guess the dealer bought already above the price I might have considered... :sigh: :( Luckily I found another couple of bits that took away the sting.

And such continued to be the story on Tuesday as we toured my favourite Netsuke shop haunts. Either the shops were closed for the holidays, or the Netsuke on display in the ones that were open were not good enough, or were too expensive. The only consolation was the thought of all the money I had saved by not buying anything... :?

Still, in this, the last week of this year, I have so far bought four Netsuke, two Inro, and a handful of Ojime. 8-)

Size is something.

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Re: Chon's Reflections

Postby KPR » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:57 am

Funny, during our last visit to Kyoto in September it was the other way around.
We wanted to visit the Kyoto National Museum, but it was closed for renovation.
We then went to the opposite Sanjusangendo temple.
A change that we do not regret. Really a highlight.

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