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Tachi Kake Signature

Discussions of carvers, workshops and attributions. A forum to also find help on, or discuss, signatures.
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Re: Tachi Kake Signature

Postby dougsanders » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:30 pm

That's a nice way to put it Judy. I like these sorts of collective problem-solving threads as well- more often than not as a spectator than participant.

One small detail with your connection to what may be the meaning of the kanji and what appears to be a visual representation as well...
The 'armor' to which I was referring is from the martial art of kendo. As part of the dogu (equipment) there is a headpiece that comprises the elements of tsuki and men, including a face screen and flaps that protect the sides of the neck. I'm not sure we can separate them into the individual units of your four happinesses theory.

If anything- they represent targets for point scoring in kendo (although as I understand it, the throat is no longer a target in this sport), but then that leaves out the kote or glove that could form in a sense 'four happinesses'- the targets by which one could score and win a match :) . lest I be taken seriously, I'm not actually making this connection...

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Re: Tachi Kake Signature

Postby Curran » Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:52 pm


Ah! I think that is the best translation I have so far.
General agreement on 福.

It was also suggested to me to be 'many' happinesses, but I think four happinesses (shifuku) makes more sense,
and is probably not the signature of an artist, but rather a gift giver or well wisher.

Thank you. This forum has been recommended to me before, and I have often enjoyed cross conversations about netsuke.
This time around, I think you beat even the NMB heavyweights.


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Re: Tachi Kake Signature

Postby chonchon » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:05 am

That's great Curran! Yesterday I spent some time on the J net looking for any wood carver by that name but came up with nothing. What did come up was Shikoku 四国, said to be the land of four prefectures 四県, four seasons 四季, and according to JR who are promoting the tour, Shifuku 四福 four happinesses! I wonder if there could be any subliminal connection with Shikoku?

Size is something.

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