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Introduction to Netsuke Types

A forum to discuss different forms of Netsuke such as Katabori, Manju, Ryusa etc
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Introduction to Netsuke Types

Postby AFNetsuke » Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:41 pm

If you are relatively new to Netsuke, you may not yet understand terms such as Katabori, Manju, Ryusa, Kagamibuta, Sashi, Obi-hasami, and others which are used frequently to describe physical attributes of netsuke architecture. We invite you to review the FAQ on the International Netsuke Society home page at by following this link: (many other resources are available there as well).

For those familiar with the various types please post examples of pieces for discussion in this forum.

Keep in mind that a much more meaningful learning experience will result if you will tell us what you already know or believe about the piece you are posting, such as material, artist, school, subject, provenance, and other details. If you are asking questions about your netsuke, providing such details give others a better direction to pursue in arriving at educated conclusions. If you simply don't have a clue and have browsed other posts and forums here then just let us know you are...well, "clueless", and we'll try to help.

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