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ONI & Hiiragi-Iwashi

What subject or legend is depicted in your netsuke or sagemono?
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Re: ONI & Hiiragi-Iwashi

Postby AFNetsuke » Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:24 am

..."certification system for issuing a Forever Passport"...
If that happens in California don't be surprised if the certificate goes the way of the handgun purchasing lifetime permit that they used to issue. Not it's pay up every 5 years after taking a qualifying test.
"Finding obstacles has proven to be much easier than looking for solutions."
That has frequently been my starting point when trying to persuade others to do something I think is better than the current situation. Being prepared to answer those obstacles with concrete rebuttals/solutions will make your presentation a lot more successful.
Vlad, how many "experts" would you place on a panel to do certification? The Genuine Indian Relic Collectors Society that publishes the Journal for the Documentation of Prehistoric America (full of collectors pieces to establish provenance) used to have a certification committee with three experts who would sign off on a piece at various sponsored shows around the U.S.. They abandoned that process years ago. Afterward a slew of independent "experts" cropped up who produced papers for a fee. I think many of those are now being used in outhouses in Kentucky. Some of the COAs (certificate of authenticity) from the past from that were the best have also been forged in good numbers.
Laser etching ID numbers as with expensive gemstones may be a way to at least establish where a piece has been if government ever does pay attention to that. Anyone know the cost or the potential for destructive effects on netsuke materials?

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Re: ONI & Hiiragi-Iwashi

Postby Vlad » Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:12 am

"Finding obstacles has proven to be much easier than looking for solutions." 8-)

Five experts per panel and an anonymous point system should be quite enough.
"Man sieht nur, was man weiß" - "One sees only what one knows". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

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