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Shunga discussion - different grades

What subject or legend is depicted in your netsuke or sagemono?
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Re: Shunga discussion - different grades

Postby souldeep » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:43 pm

Quite extraordinary vision Klaus. You have revealed it's true form.
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Re: Shunga discussion - different grades

Postby lohrberg » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:25 pm

souldeep wrote:Quite extraordinary vision Klaus. You have revealed it's true form.

I wonder,
so far not a relevant remark on Klaus' female kappa. I think it is worth to drop a line.
I expected the "crowd" to sigh: There is no female kappa!

But of course there are female kappa.

My knowledge is not my own knowledge. There are some researches done on the topic of the Kappa. I would like to quote from my favorite researcher from Germany Dr. Ulrich Pauly, who published in the OAG Notizen, a monthly edit from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens in Tokyo, especially the June Volume of 2013.
The kappa cult can historically been dated back to the years of 409 till 427. To the belief kappa then invaded from China to Japan. And the kappa cult goes on since then up to nowadays. In memory of the guessed landing spot to Japanese soil (some kind of archaic D Day) a memorial stone was erected by interested parties in the year 1954. I do not want to write about the kappa here. I just focus on the Female aspect.
According to believe kappa have genitals, which are similar to those of monkeys and humans. In kappa regions of Japan, copulating kappa are sold as souvenirs. Doing so, they use the same technique as the homo sapiens. It is unclear how they give birth. The time of pregnancy of the kappa mother is only two month and the litter is said to count up to 12 young.
Enough to the question if there are female kappa.
Kappa comes up to manga also and to modern drawers. See hereunder "A Kappa Beauty" by Sugiura Sachio.
But also in Edo period we find publications designs of Kappa.

I would like to add one by Matsura Seizan (1760 - 1841) from Kameko No Yabanashi. What thrills me on this design, it bears similarity to Klaus' kappa. The little point (dot) pattern all over the body. The netsuke carver might have been influenced by the Seizan design,

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