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3D Photography - How to prepare images for the forum tool.

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3D Photography - How to prepare images for the forum tool.

Postby souldeep » Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:21 pm


So lot's of interest already on the new feature introduced yesterday. I feel compelled to write a tutorial sooner rather than later. We already have a member who sent me images today, and now they have their first 3D Netsuke to share!

So here are the basics.

A rotation is made up of a number of images that the tool on the forum binds together to make the 360 degree rotation. These can be as little or as many as you have the will to shoot. I recommend 12 as minimum, 24 ideal, 36 very smooth. Basically the more you take in a 360 rotation, the smoother the rotation will be.

You will need to get yourself a device to rotate the item you want to photograph. In my case I found a small cake rotator for next to nothing. The rotator can be manual (you'll need to mark out the lines so you know where to move the next shot to) or automatic.

Next up - fix your camera (or believe it or not - phone camera as the member I mentioned above did) to a tripod or table and get the object framed and focused correctly. N.B. This is not a photography tutorial. If you don't know what I mean by framing or focusing get someone else to take the images for you.

If you are using a manual rotator take a shot each degree you have marked out. If using an automatic rotator do the maths for one rotation to get the number of shots you desire and then set your camera or phone to take an image automatically at each set interval. For example if the rotator takes 25 seconds to rotate set your camera to take a shot, 24 times, at 1 second intervals.

I recommend you set your camera or phone to shoot at 16:9 rather than 3:2. It's much more sympathetic to displaying the image in full screen mode.

Please set your image size to 1600 pixel width.

Set you camera or phone to name each image like so;


The bits in bold are required and I'll only have to spend the time to rename if you don't. The part not in bold please name whatever you wish.

The first set will be your full screen images.

You then want to create a second set at 640 pixels width. These will be named;


Get the images to me, and I will return you the URL to the 3D image to post on the forum at your discretion.

I don't expect everyone to get to grips with this straight away - it requires basic skills in photography and image resizing. I can help with either of these skills privately, if you write to me and offer your best Netsuke as payment.

P.S. For those lacking a sense of humour - the last bit about payment was a joke, it doesn't have to be your best Netsuke :lol:
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