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Spell Check Installation: If your browser is Safari

Miscellaneous tutorials such as password changes or new user registration.
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Spell Check Installation: If your browser is Safari

Postby Oishii » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:30 am

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you to set up the auto-spell check function when you use the browser Safari.

Normally Safari provides this function automatically when you type text.

Typing text, you can choose to check the spelling and grammar. Just select "Edit" and go to the "Spelling and Grammar" tab.

You will get to a menu of different options in regard to spelling and grammar.

The dictionary is typically set to the language of your operating system and Safari browser, but you can add and switch between multiple languages.
Click "Show spelling and grammar". Here you can select the language your are using.

The auto-correction function will automatically correct an error, or will give you suggestions of possible words from which you can choose.

Some users find it safer not to use the "auto-correct" function ; in this case, the errors will just show up underlined in red.

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