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User Control Panel 2 : What's on the Overview page

Tutorials on how to use the UCP section of your account.
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User Control Panel 2 : What's on the Overview page

Postby Oishii » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:53 pm

The Overview page of your User Control Panel is on the first tab of the UCP.

The Overview displays a snapshot of information about your posting habits such as the date you joined the forum, your most active topic, and how many total posts you have submitted.

Overview sub pages include Subscriptions, Bookmarks, Drafts, Attachments and Notifications.

How to manage your Subscriptions

Subscriptions are forums or individual topics that you have elected to watch for any new posts. Whenever a new post is made inside an area you have subscribed to, you will be sent an e- mail informing you of the new addition.
To manage your Subscriptions, just click on the subpage "Manage Subscriptions" on the left of the UCP Overview.

To create a subscription, visit the forum or topic you would like to subscribe to and click the 'Subscribe' link located at the bottom of the page.

To remove a subscription, check the box next to the subscription you would like to remove and click the 'Unwatch Marked' button.

How to manage your Bookmarks

Bookmarks, much like subscriptions, are topics you've chosen to watch.
However, there are two key differences:
1) only individual topics may be bookmarked, and
2) an e-mail will not be sent to inform you of new posts.
To manage your Bookmarks, just click on the Subpage "Manage your Bookmarks" on the left of your UCP Overview.

To create a bookmark, visit the topic you would like to watch and click the 'Bookmark Topic' link located at the bottom of the page.

To remove a bookmark, check the box next to the bookmark you would like to remove and click the 'Remove marked bookmarks' button.

How to manage your Drafts

You can manage your Drafts by clicking the tab "Manage your Drafts" on the left side of your UCP Overview.
Drafts are created when you click the 'Save' button on the New Post or Post Reply page. Displayed are the title of your post, the forum or topic that the draft was made in, and the date you saved it.

To continue editing a draft for future submission, click the 'View/Edit' link. If you plan to finish and post the message, click 'Load Draft'.

To delete a draft, check the box next to the draft you wish to remove and click 'Delete Marked'.

How to manage your attachments

The attachment section of the UCP shows a list of all attachments that you have upload-ed to the board.
To manage these, just click on the subpage "Manage Attachments" on the left of the UCP Overview.

Each entry contains a link to the message in which the attachment is contained, the size of the attachment, the number of times it has been downloaded, and the time at which it was uploaded.
Through this page, you can delete attachments from the board. Inline references to a deleted attachment will still remain in the original post, but the attachment will not be rendered in any way other than the file name.

How to manage your Notifications

Notifications alert you to events that have taken place on the board.
They will appear in the Notifications menu at the top of your screen.
Events include:
• New Private Message has arrived
• New topic was created in a subscribed forum
• New post was created in a subscribed topic
• A new post is awaiting moderation (for those with administrative privileges)
• A post has been reported
• Your topic/post has been approved/disapproved
• You have been quoted in a post

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