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UCP - Private Messages : intro and receiving PM's

Tutorials on how to use the UCP section of your account.
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UCP - Private Messages : intro and receiving PM's

Postby Oishii » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:32 pm

Communicating with Private Messages

The Forum allows its users to communicate privately by using Private Messages.
To visit the Private Messages section, you either can click on the "Private messages" link on the left hand side below the forum header.

or you can directly access it through the User Control Panel.

Depending on the communication methods allowed by the board administrator, there can be 3 ways of being notified of a new Private Message's arrival:
1. By receiving an e-mail message
2. An entry will appear in the notifications menu
3. "The Private Messages" link will show the number of currently unread messages You can set the options to your liking in the Preferences section.

You can choose to not receive Private Messages by other users in your Preferences.
Note, that moderators and administrators will still be able send you Private Messages, even if you have disabled them.

Message display
The Inbox is the default incoming folder, which contains a list of your recently received Private Messages.
Messages that have not yet been read, are marked on the left with a red symbol. When the message is read, it changes to grey.

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