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UCP - Private Message Folders 1 : Inbox/Outbox/Sent

Tutorials on how to use the UCP section of your account.
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UCP - Private Message Folders 1 : Inbox/Outbox/Sent

Postby Oishii » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:34 pm

The purpose of this tutorial is to learn more about the private message folders : inbox, outbox and sent messages.

Just like in your e-mail client, all private messages are stored in folders.

The Inbox is your default incoming message folder. All messages you receive will appear in here.

Sent messages will appear in either the Outbox or the Sent messages folder.
As long as the recipient(s) have not yet read the message, it will stay in the Outbox. As soon as someone reads the message it will be archived to the Sent messages folder. You can edit messages after sending them as long as they are in the Outbox and the recipients have not yet read them.
In the example below we see that there is one message in the Outbox and it is sent, but it has not yet been read by the recipient.

Each folder, including Sent messages and Outbox, can hold a board-defined amount of messages.
This is a global setting that only a board administrator can change. An info text displays the current number of allowed messages and the current percentage of space your messages are using at the top of each folder. If no restriction is displayed, you are allowed unlimited messages in each folder. In our Forum it is 150 messages per folder.

Please note that the total amount of messages allowed is a per-folder setting. You can have multiple folders which each allow 150 messages for instance. If you have 3 folders, your actual global limit is 450 messages, but each folder can only contain up to 150 messages by itself. It is not possible to merge folders and have one with more messages than the limit.
More information on how to add Folders is here : ... 494777&t=7

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