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UCP - Private Message Folders 4 : Message markers

Tutorials on how to use the UCP section of your account.
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UCP - Private Message Folders 4 : Message markers

Postby Oishii » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:06 pm

Message Markers
Messages inside folders can have colour markings. Please refer to the Message colours legend to see what each colour means.
On our Forum we use the following colour codes :

Coloured messages can have four different meanings:

Marked message : You can set a message as marked with the "Mark as important option" from the pull-down menu.

Replied to message : If you reply to a message, the message will be marked as this. This way, you can easily recognize which messages still need your attention and which messages you have already replied to.

Message from a friend : If the sender of a message is in your friends list (see the section on Friends & Foes for more information), this colour will highlight the message.

Message from a foe : If the sender of a message is one of your foes, this colour will highlight this.

NOTE : Please note that a message can have only one label and it will always be that of the last action you take. For instance, if you mark a message as important and reply to it afterwards, the replied to label will overwrite the important label.

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