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UCP - Board Preferences 1 : Intro and how to edit your global settings

Tutorials on how to use the UCP section of your account.
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UCP - Board Preferences 1 : Intro and how to edit your global settings

Postby Oishii » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:02 pm

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide help in how to define your Board Preferences.
Board Preferences help you in customizing your experience on the forum, as to make it the most enjoyable for you.

You can edit your Board Preferences in your User Control Panel. You get there by clicking "User Control Panel" in the little menu beneath your Name, encircled here in green.

You can edit your Board preferences by clicking the third tab "Board Preferences", here encircled in green


Under Board Preferences you are able to edit
- your global settings
- your posting defaults
- your display options
- your notification options

Let's start with Global Settings. The other preferences you will find in the next tutorials.
Your Global Settings control various overall interactions with the forum's software.


Users can contact by e-mail: If Yes is selected; users can e-mail you via the "e-mail" button in your profile.

Administrators can email me information: If Yes is selected; you will receive mass- emails sent out by the board administrator.

Allow users to send you private messages: If Yes is selected; users can send you private messages via the board.

Hide my online status: If Yes is selected; your online status will be hidden to users. Note that administrators and moderators will still be able to view your online status.

My board style: Allows you to specify what style the board utilizes. This setting may not be available if the board administrator has selected to override users' styles.

My language: Allows you to specify what language pack the board utilizes. Note that this setting applies only to board language strings; posts will be rendered in the language they were written.
The following languages are supported on our Forum : British English, American English, Dutch Informal, French, German Informal, German Formal, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Mandarin

The above is not to be confused with in-post translations, which is covered here : viewtopic.php?f=260646&t=7940228

My timezone: Allows you to specify what timezone board times should appear in.

My date format: Controls what format times are rendered in. You may select one of the options in the dropdown box.

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