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Re: INS President's letter

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:39 am
by Clive
WOW!!! Now that's a cracking post. Thank you, Thank you Alan.. you cannot imagine how much I've wanted to read such sentiment from a senior member of the INS board. 3 short but profoundly insightful and honest paragraphs that can form the foundation for a new chapter in the history of our society. A new dynamic which I for one will support to the very best of my ability. 8-)

Re: INS President's letter

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:40 am
by souldeep
AFNetsuke wrote:I would encourage those who could offer their talents in areas that would benefit the INS to please communicate with any of the Board or even here on the forum. It seems clear to me that we do not currently foster a two way communication path between membership and the elected officials. Many have felt that much of the general membership doesn't care enough to become involved in INS business and decision making processes and only want to receive their Journal, have conventions offered for them to attend, and possibly attend chapter functions. That is an attitude we need to abandon.

Opening a dialog here between members is likely critical to finding a new path forward. I know many conversations take place between small groups of members and individuals that need to be heard if we want to understand what it is the membership will support. Our means of communication are far beyond the old days of snail mail and expensive long distance phone calls in which this organization was born. There is no reason your voices can't be heard.

The current state of affairs on ivory regulation has made some collectors apoplectic and we should have taken a more active approach to letting our opposition know we agree on many points while presenting them with the reasons antique and quality legal modern ivory carvings should not be banned. Some of of threw money at the problem but failed to strategize and collaborate enough to achieve our goals. I think we needed to fight for our specific art form and demonstrate that it has value, can be distinguished from rubbish (our NLO topic is an example) and is deserving of preservation.


Firstly thank you for taking the time to discuss this with a few members yesterday. They were not short calls :roll:

I do believe that the issue regarding the apathy of the general membership can be addressed by engaging in a process that changes the perception of an individuals worth within the society. When a member understands that they each have a unique value to share within the community, it encourages them to get involved. Even a set of clearly defined exec roles as part of a wider approach is of no use if members will not engage.

Another vital element to any such process is that the long term knowledge and wisdom of those that have managed the society must be an integral part of any future solution. Guidance and stability is intrinsic if looking to apply a more dynamic model.

IMO any future solution must look to unite and engage with the diverse spectrum of demographics, cultures and ideas currently across the society. Although the best model for the future might not immediately present itself to us, reconnecting with the membership will empower and inform our leadership on how best to shape the society for the changing world we now face.