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Chapter Meeting on July 31, 2016

Events, meets and discussions around the SF chapter.
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Chapter Meeting on July 31, 2016

Postby AFNetsuke » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:02 pm

The SF Chapter met yesterday at Marsha's (past-INS President) atop Nob Hill in San Francisco with splendid views of SF Bay from the Golden Gate across Angel Island, Alcatraz, Coit Tower to the Oakland Bay Bridge. Although due to our rescheduling of the meeting from a couple of weeks ago we only got 10 attendees, it was an action packed meeting from 3 to 6PM followed by a great dinner down the street at a Mediterranean restaurant. Our featured topic seemed initially to be a bit peculiar as we focused on a single material which is generally used for accents rather than whole pieces- Mother of Pearl.

Our "researcher"/speaker was local inro collector Steve Koppich. Steve had obviously done quite a lot of research on his subject which resulted in a PowerPoint presentation of history, sources of MOP, chemical and physical make-up of the material, use in various cultures and then an array of examples, some of which were provided not just by participants present but by Lounge contributors in a dedicated topic.

Our group was joined by Randy and Lee, two members most had not yet met from Sacramento, California. It was clear from their contributions to the discussion that they had been involved with netsuke for some time and knew their stuff. One example offered by Lee was a powerful ivory figure of Raiden with drums on his back that had a single small button of MOP at the waist in front. We were all amazed when he said it was the first netsuke he ever bought (from Bluette) in the 1960's. We should all have been so lucky...or maybe I should say so studied before ever making our first purchase. I attach it for your viewing pleasure along with a couple of other photos such as Steve's fine inro with MOP (except the 17th C. example in one corner of the box) and some other offerings folks thought would be of interest. I didn't even have enough time to handle everything, let alone get adequate photos. A special treat was that Sachi, owner of Midori Gallery and hostess to the Roving Chapter meeting this year in Coconut Grove, Florida, was able to attend our meeting while visiting with Marsha and local family. Of course I warned her next visit it was her turn to present a topic. Anyone who has ever heard Sachi speak knows what a delight that will be.

Another successful chapter meeting for sure. And our group has taken on a much more studious approach than the old "show and tell" sessions of years ago. I hope yours will as well.
Lee's first netsuke from the 1960s




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