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INS Member visit to SF

Events, meets and discussions around the SF chapter.
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Postby AFNetsuke » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:17 am

CalBear (Steve) and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Vlad who is attending a function in SF. We were not able to put together a chapter meeting but the three of us spent an enjoyable four hours talking netsuke and sagemono and showing off about three dozen netsuke and a dozen inro. Thanks, Vlad for giving us additional insights on many of the pieces as well as always challenging our thoughts on what we really know and why we may need to question some of the accepted versions of netsuke lore. It was an enjoyable time with a great member from the other side of the country. Sorry we didn't remember to stop to get a photo and thanks for the invitation to visit your collection (most INS members are very open to showing off their netsuke).
I should mention that Vlad's birthday gift from his wife was a custom book she had printed of some of their best netsuke...some of her own included. What a great gift idea!

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Postby Vlad » Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:05 pm

It was a great pleasure and a very interesting and educational interaction for all three of us indeed, Alan!

We all need to do it more often when the chances present themselves. Any collector, old or new, traveling to the Big Apple is warmly welcomed to get in touch and to find some time to meet, as we already do regularly with some of the old-time collectors for a few years now. I found it quite different and as useful, as the regular chapter meetings usually dedicated to a particular topic.

Thanks again Alan and Steve for accommodating me in your weekly schedule and showing you wonderful pieces! I have learned a lot!8-)
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