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Asia Week - November 2014

Events, meets and discussions around the European chapter.
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Postby borat » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:14 pm

Martyn, I have another job for you, as our newly appointed London-based correspondent!

For visitors contemplating coming to London in November for Asia (major) week , to help coordinate their travel dates, it would be very useful to list the possible netsuke event dates around this time.

I believe Bonham's London will be having a large sale, commemorating an important anniversary. Likewise Christie's will have an Asian auction.
Paul Moss may be planning an event at his Mayfair address & a possible book launch.

I presume Rosemary B. may plan a sale exhibition +- catalogue sale
Max R. may have a netsuke exhibition as well
Any concurrent Museum exhibitions?

Would you be able to ask these colleagues for their tentative netsuke plans?

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Postby bandini » Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:06 am

Ahem. Listen up Gopi! I told you all of this already...

I will be having an exhibition in London during Asian Art in London week, for which there will be a catalogue. Robert & Yukari will be exhibiting at the same location as me too - not sure if they will have a catalogue. I am planning a meeting and talk at the gallery for the INS European chapter and any other netsuke folk who are in London on November 5th (Wednesday).

You can check out all the other Asian art events on the AAL website:

Bonham's will be holding another Wrangham sale on the 3rd and a Japanese works of art sale on the 4th.

Christie's have taken a new tack completely and now will be doing mostly online only sales, with one 'big' saleroom auction once a year (I don't know if this means one in NY & another in London?).

This year's Chritstie's sale, which I admit leaves me a little perplexed, will be held in London in commemorate the fist ever auction of Japanese lacquer which was held in London 400 years ago (this information was part of Timon Screech's research for Japan400, and very interesting too). I'm not sure if this will end up like a hybrid of the opening scene of Phantom of the Opera and a One Direction concert with glo-sticks, but, hey...

London is always fun!

Martyn, It may be worth putting this information on a new thread?


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Postby DSW90049 » Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:30 pm

As, for some time ahead, we in the U.S. may not be able to purchase ivory netsuke offered at the Nov. Asia Week, it will be more important than ever to let us here in the U.S. know of all publications in connection with the agenda that Rosemary listed above.

We may not be able to purchase and add to our collections any of the ivory piecesuntil such time as our US Ivory Legal Wars work their way to a stage where there is a reliable and workable federal procedure for certifying legitimate antique ivory netsuke here, including for import and export (if that day will, in fact, come), at least we here can follow along with our libraries and our imaginations, and thereby stay in the game.

I know of no proposals (yet) here in the US to ban photos of antique ivory netsuke, and I can confidently predict that this will not be an impediment to adding to our libraries - especially, if we are entering a period of Prohibition here.

Yes, we should have an Asia Week thread and move some of these posts there.
We should help promote Asia Week here on this Forum, particularly in the more enlightened UK and Europe, while we here in the U.S. struggle along with the emotional tide that has threatened our ability to collect these amazing works of art. It is more important than ever now.

P.S. Martyn, in the UK I would be a Barrister, not a Solicitor . . . . . Image
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