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Administrative Reminder

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Administrative Reminder

Postby AFNetsuke » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:51 pm

Last year it was announced an addition was being made to our Lounge Rules/Code of Conduct. Please refer to that topic if you need a refresher. Here is the specific rule:
"Every member has a facility to edit their historical content. This facility has been provided on the understanding members may wish to delete images of items later sold, or to remove unreasonable comments made in the heat of a moment. This being said, the Modteam has a responsibility to protect the integrity of this community as the whole. Accordingly every member is asked to be mindful of the potential impact significant personal edits may impose upon the readability of what remains. Any attempts by a single member deemed malicious, or significantly disruptive, to the integrity of the content, will incur a lifetime account ban."

I am writing this in response to many people who noticed and were outraged by the mass deletion of photos by an individual who is well known to many of you. No notice was given to the Moderators before this act occurred early Saturday morning Nov. 18. The Moderators work as a team and we were negligent in not being able to respond in some way to prevent this occurrence or at least interrupt it before everything was lost. It represents a significant disruptive act and will be dealt with a bit late by enforcing the above cited rule of imposing a ban.

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