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Our opinions to newbies and their reactions

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Our opinions to newbies and their reactions

Postby LUBlub » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:03 am

Again the old situation ... (read the posts of Linton17) beginners who has netsukes or pseudo netsukes originate as a legacy from their families.
Inherited from many years ago and have for them a great sentimental value.
When a newbie asks opinions here in the forum we give them to the best of our experience and conscience ... BUT here is the old problem:
If we say the blunt truth probably we offend their feelings, if we do not we're hiding the truth ... Provided that none of us is owner of the truth in judging absolute and certainly one netsuke, nevertheless we can easily do so on the pure and simple observation of quality observing the thousands of pieces published in this forum, and hundreds of books to make comparisons ...
Last thing ... to understand or evaluate an opinion (or critical) you have to have a base of specific culture in netsukes addition to experience, things that are not obvious to any beginner.
When our oldest ancestors bought pieces 50 or more years ago it does not mean that they were experts, so they decided on the basis of their feelings and not on their ignorance about netsukes,

I suggest a final solution ...
If the netsuke is valid we post in the forum and sow new members…
If the piece is one NLO or worst we write an educational PM respecting the spiritual value of the piece to avoid these situations in the forum ... everybody happy ...and maybe newbies also become members ...
Excellence in netsuke art don't need signature or pedigree, or age, only quality, aesthetics, beauty.

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