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Bespoke BBCode: 2 - PostTranslate

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Bespoke BBCode: 2 - PostTranslate

Postby souldeep » Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:58 am

The netsuke and sagemono lounge has been developed to extend across an international community of different languages and cultures with the common aim to share one thing; our love of netsuke and sagemono.

Whilst the Default language of this forum will remain in English, as part of reaching out to a wider network of netsuke lovers, the framework of the forum has been converted into many different languages. We hope this will encourage new members and support existing members, whose native language is not English, to become more involved with the community.

Whilst a static framework can be converted as part of development, behind the scenes, topics and posts cannot be managed in this way.

We have therefore created a development that allows members to post in their own language whilst other members can translate the post content.

I am the first to admit that language translation on the fly in such a way is a challenge - but I believe that technology has come far enough for us to start providing a truly multilingual site with plans to upgrade capabilities as technology evolves. This development allows a member to preserve the integrity of the original message as it will be stored in the database in the posters original language. By doing so it means as translation technology improves, so can the tools we provide you to translate the members original text preserved in the database.

The technology we have built this development on is Google Translate. Some of the members on the old forum were already familiar with an area of this technology and would visit Google to copy and paste the translation into a post. It is now in-post for your convenience as an advanced version of the translation technology.

If you are going to post in another language apart from the board default of English we therefore ask you use the PostTranslate tags to wrap your Post Content in. To do this please highlight the text you have written not in the board default English, and then click on the PostTranslate button as circled in green in the following image.


In the above example you can see I have enclosed a French sentence in the PostTranslate tags. You can then submit the post and will see your post appear under the topic such as displayed in the following example.


To translate the post content into your default language click on the link circled in green in the above image. This will convert the text into a version you can read as exampled in the following image in my default language, English.


If you desire, you can click on the "show original" option to return the post content back to it's default language.

Note: We are pushing the forefront of technology here. Please don't expect this to be prefect. It is a root we are placing down now, so we respect and preserve post content of the international membership for the future.

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