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Bespoke BBCode: 1 - Media

Here you can find tutorials all about how to post, attach images and edit posts.
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Bespoke BBCode: 1 - Media

Postby souldeep » Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:23 am

Bespoke BBCode's are developments we provide that sit outside of the default suite of options that come with the phpBB Post Editor.

Whilst the default options include a Flash button, it is rather restrictive and only allows for Flash movies to be displayed in a post.

The lounge is an area for the study and appreciation of Netsuke. To help develop connoisseurship amongst the membership video tutorials are going to be an important part of our development. We have therefore developed a Media button that allows for the embedding of video and other media types described below. The Media button can be seen circled in green in the following example image.


The Media button is an all encompassing BBCode tag that predominantly caters for Video and Audio. Moreover it supports embedding of maps, panoramas and other forms of multimedia. In the future we may rewrite parts of the development to expand it's usage, but for launch a list of supported services are:

  •, and most other video services available on the internet.

  •, and most other audio services on the internet.

  • (maps, panoramas)

  • (panoramas)

Usage example

To embed a video you should copy the URL of the page of the video and insert it between the [media][/media] tags; for example:

Code: Select all


or (with size specified):

Code: Select all


You can also paste the URL into the Post Content box, highlight the URL, then click on the Media button.

It is displayed as follows (it's an image, see live demo):

phpBB [media]

To insert other media, such as Audio, Maps and Panoramas you just need to retrieve the URL and place it between the Media tags.

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