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The Posting Form: 1 - Overview

Here you can find tutorials all about how to post, attach images and edit posts.
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The Posting Form: 1 - Overview

Postby souldeep » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:12 pm

You will be taken to the posting form when you decide to post either a new topic, reply to a post or reply to a Private Message. The posting form is the area in which you can enter your post content, attach images and other forms of media, or format the look and feel of your post.

When accessing the posting form you will see the following view.


A breakdown of the functions are listed here:

  • Topic/Post Icon: The topic/post icon is a small icon that will display to the left of your post subject. This helps identify your post and make it stand out, though it is completely optional.

  • Subject: If you are creating a new topic with your post, the subject is required and will become the title of the topic. If you are replying to an existing topic, this is optional, but it can be changed.

  • Post Content - While not being labelled, the large text box is where your actual post content will be entered. Here, along with your text, you may use things like Smilies or BBCode's. Content entered as HTML will be rendered as text, HTML input is not supported.

  • Smilies - Smilies, or emoticons, are small images which can be inserted into your post to add expression emphasis. You will see the text "Smilies are ON" to the right hand of the Post Content box. Otherwise, you will see the text "Smilies are OFF." See the Posting Smilies tutorial for further details.

  • BBCode - BBCode is a type of formatting that can be applied to your post content. The different BBCode options have been encircled in green in the example image above. If BBCode is enabled, you will see the text "BBCode is ON" to the right hand of the Post Content box. Otherwise, you will see the text "BBCode is OFF." See the posting BBCode tutorial for further details.

  • Options - When posting either a new topic or reply, there are several post options that are available to you. You can view these options by selecting the Options tab from the section below the posting form. Please see the Post Options tutorial for further details.

  • Attachments - Attachments allow you to upload files and attach them to your post. The ability to attach and download attachments is determined by the "Can attach files" and "Can download files" permissions respectively. Please see the Post Attachments tutorial for further details.

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