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Forum Downtime Today (Unscheduled)

As we have now moved to a new forum platform please help us by sharing any issues you identify. Please keep criticisms as short and concise as possible, limited to criticisms of the software (not people), so that it will be possible for us to review and fix them.
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Forum Downtime Today (Unscheduled)

Postby souldeep » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:24 pm

Dear Community,

The forum is now up and running again as of the time stamp recorded against this post.

The forum has been down since just past 1pm GMT today, and subsequently, unavailable for the past 8 hours.

The downtime you witnessed today was not scheduled. The ISP (Heart Internet) had a major hardware failure - unheard of previously. This effected a massive section of business/personal websites and was not unique to our forum.

Heart pride themselves on reliability and have a 99.9% uptime SLA. Today that reputation has been damaged.

To clarify - nothing has been lost. Like any professional ISP, they keep real-time backups. Whilst I am still awaiting all the facts, I suspect most of the downtime was in rebuilding servers and restoring a vast array of backups.

I can only offer my personal apology to you all, and make you aware that if we witness this sort of major downtime again in future I will look to move the hosting to a new ISP.

Please note: as the site has only just been recovered you may witness slow performance and intermittent errors until the ISP has resumed all their operations to full service. Perhaps take the opportunity to take a break from the forum today, and resume normal routines tomorrow.
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