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Postby GiantSquid » Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:14 am

As well as the glossary we have, I would also find it helpful to have a page showing how to correctly pronounce the words. I can't be alone in this, can I? Could be on the INS page or this Forum.

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Postby AFNetsuke » Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:09 am

Richard, I suspect those that get interested in pronunciation will find as much as they desire through simple web searches. For the past 35 years I've relied on just the simple rules on the romanization of vowels in Japanese. How deep do you envision this article going? Personally I'd draw the line at this (although I did find it helpful when ordering gyoza):

Palatalization and affrication

The palatals /i/ and /j/ palatalize the consonants they follow:[7]
/m/ → palatalized [mʲ]:/umi/ → [ɯᵝmʲi] umi 海 'sea'
/ɡ/ → palatalized [ɡʲ]:/ɡjoːza/ → [ɡʲoːza] gyōza ぎょうざ 'fried dumpling'

For coronal consonants, the palatalization goes further so that alveolopalatal consonants correspond with dental or alveolar consonants ([ta] 'field' vs. [tɕa] 'tea'):[8]
/s/ → alveolopalatal fricative [ɕ]:/sio/ → [ɕi.o] shio 塩 'salt'
/z/ → alveolopalatal [dʑ] or [ʑ]:/zisiɴ/ → [dʑiɕĩɴ] jishin 地震 'earthquake';
/ɡozjuu/ → [ɡodʑɯᵝɯᵝ] ~ [ɡoʑɯᵝɯᵝ] gojuu 50 'fifty'
/t/ → alveolopalatal affricate [tɕ]:/tiziɴ/ → [tɕidʑĩɴ] ~ [tɕiʑĩɴ] chijin 知人 'acquaintance'

/i/ and /j/ also palatalize /h/ to a palatal fricative ([ç]): /hito/ → [çi̥to] hito 人 ('person')

If you have an interest in this project why not start a thread in the "General" Topic on it. Perhaps it could include word derivations such as Chonchon gives us from time to time which I find most interesting as they frequently spill over well beyond the subject being discussed.

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