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Katchen, N7

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Re: Katchen, N7

Postby tomalby » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:07 pm

With respect to the "Kintaro", in Joe Earle's Netsuke: Fantasy and Reality...(page 175), I've just stumbled across a netsuke with a similar composition, and indeed it is No Hayata slaying the Nue. By Okakoto of Kyoto (late 18th-early 19th C.).

Earle states that both Okakoto and Tomotada apparently dispensed with the traditional description of the Nue's body and substituted tigers instead, "in the interests of preserving the conventions of Kyoto-style animal carving". Okakoto's tiger certainly has some simian-like features to my eye so perhaps the one posted above is a further variation on an already flexed theme.

Anyway, just thought might be worth sharing in case of interest and in return for all the helpful comments to my original post. :)


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Re: Katchen, N7

Postby Vlad » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:43 pm

Thank you, Tom. The slaying Nue/Nuye subject is indeed well known and does remind the one in discussion here, though with no close relation, I am afraid. The significance of the Earl's coment is rather a worth noticing depiction of Nue having a tiger instead of a badger body by the Kyoto 18th century master carvers, which is rather unusual.
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