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This appears to be a pretty crude example to me, but seems to have some age to it. I have had no luck with the signature, so would appreciate any help with identifying the age/artist/period and subject matter!! Many thanks.

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He looks like a Shishi dancer, carrying the mask/head of the 'lion' on his shoulder, with the cloth wound around him.

The signature is hard to make out in that shot, but it looks like Mitsuyuki.

I can find two different carvers with this name in one of my books.

The first, family name Okamoto, worked in ivory in the period 1867-1945.

The second is listed as modern, and has more information: born in 1932 in Tokyo, has the family name Aoki and work(s)(ed) in wood, ivory and horn. The name Nakamura Hodo is given and I am guessing that this must be the master artisan under which the second Mitsuyuki studied.

This piece seems genuine enough to me, but again it's merely my own subjective feeling.


Size is something.

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Wonderful work yet again Conchon. Fuld's lists three possible candidates for Mitsuyuki, and judging by the subject matter it is most likely by Aoki or possibly the third candidate that has very little info listed other than a period of late 19th C. Both have known examples involving masks/dancers, but I think a date of post 1930 fits this one pretty well. You have been a great help!

Any thoughts on what material it is? It has the feel of ivory, and areas at which the staining has rubbed appears almost white, but I have never seen an example so thoroughly coated in stain! Could it possibly be wood?
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