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     Forum Tutorials & FAQs
Forum Rules - Please Read First 1 1 Forum Rules
Dec 28, 2012 by AishaBuntin
Forum Tutorials 6 6 HOW TO POST A PHOTO
Nov 7, 2012 by OldKappa
     INS Chapters
Chicago (USA)
Events, meets and discussions around the Chicago chapter.
1 1 Details on joining the Chicag...
June 14, 2014 by souldeep
Events, meets and discussions around the European chapter.
257 12 fifa 16 coins for xbox one en...
Aug 18 by brazilcoins
Los Angeles (USA)
Events, meets and discussions around the LA chapter.
141 2 INS Los Angeles chapter meeti...
Aug 15 by DSW90049
Melbourne (Australia)
Events, meets and discussions around the Australian chapter.
16 3 Import of ivory into Australi...
June 18 by LUBlub
Moscow (Russia)
Events, meets and discussions around the Russian chapter.
7 2 CIS Chapter meeting in Moscow...
May 25 by DSW90049
New York (USA)
Events, meets and discussions around the New York chapter.
3 3 Chapter Meet - Saturday, Marc...
Feb 23 by souldeep
San Francisco (USA)
Events, meets and discussions around the SF chapter.
41 6 Asian Art Musem of SF exhibit...
March 19 by AFNetsuke
Seattle (USA)
Events, meets and discussions around the Seattle chapter.
1 1 Details on joining the Seattl...
June 17, 2014 by souldeep
Tokyo (Japan)
Events, meets and discussions around the Japanese chapter.
42 4 Carving tools
Dec 5, 2014 by Yogi
Events, meets and discussions around the Ukrainian chapter.
5 2 Details on joining the Ukrain...
June 14, 2014 by souldeep
     Netsuke & Collecting
General Discussion 11557 469 THE 2015 INS BALTIMORE CONVEN...
20 minutes ago by borat
Beginning Collecting
If you still have questions after reading all other Forums
2920 151 Books
Aug 21 by Umimatsu
Collector's Gallery
A place for all of us to show our most beloved pieces.
10537 339 Asakusa
Aug 24 by neilholton
Netsuke Artists
Information and discussion about different netsuke artists.
3117 240 Help with signature
Aug 10 by maric
Authenticity 3547 256 Found a Netsuke (I think)
19 hours ago by DSW90049
Modern Tourist Souvenir Netsuke & Netsuke-like Objects
All questions about netsuke in this category will be moved here
2379 279 Is this an NLO?
Aug 30 by chonchon
Condition 206 14 Magnification
June 23 by AFNetsuke
Discussion of different types of materials used for netsuke.
2539 76 Ceramic netsuke
Aug 18 by jimfowlie
Subjects & Legends
Exploring the different subject matter depicted in netsuke form.
3237 128 Sennins
Aug 30 by Tama
Auctions 4026 138 Online Auctions
Aug 31 by souldeep
Handling & Care
How to care for different types of netsuke.
544 19 Advice needed for cleaning iv...
Sept 1 by Janel
Questionable Netsuke 971 41 Beetle on Chestnuts
March 5 by NetsukeAthens
Okimono & other Non-netsuke Carvings
A topic area for the study of Okimono, Obidome, combs, pins, and other related fine carvings.
2000 197 Interesting kiseru...
Sept 3 by DSW90049
Inro & other Sagemono
All questions and answers concerning inro and other sagemono.
786 61 Kogo Signature
May 19 by calbear
All questions and answers concerning ojime.
330 26 New Ojime
May 20 by angel
Contemporary Netsuke 746 50 Mizutani Kazuo
Aug 7 by GiantSquid
Display, photography, and presentation techniques.
371 16 Contemporary Netsuke Display
July 19 by jbjtennyo
INS Members features and announcements 103 4 INS Membership Badge for Foru...
June 25 by AFNetsuke
Coffee Lounge
A topic area to discuss whatever comes to mind from personal stories to pictures of nature.
741 46 Digression from Ivory thread
15 minutes ago by LUBlub
     Creating Netsuke: Artists Discussions
Carving Techniques 244 26 cord holes
Dec 31, 2014 by hanifkhan
Artists Gallery
A place to share your latest pieces.
480 60 Shishiki
Aug 26 by Oleg_34
     Forum Development
Forum Software Review
We'd like to get feedback from forum users regarding the next platform that we migrate to. We will be posting possible software options and feel free to comment regarding your experience with the particular product and/or pointing out certain features that are especially good or bad.
12 3 Signatures
Dec 3, 2014 by JimLewis
Forum Features Wishlist
Please let us know what features you think are important to have when we upgrade this forum. We will try to accommodate these wishes by selecting a forum software which will provide those features. If you have a particular software program to recommend, please post it in the "Software" topic. Please be as specific as possible with your wishes, such as: • I would like to be able to rotate an image. We look forward to hearing your wishes!
65 5 dealer section
Nov 23, 2013 by AFNetsuke
Forum Criticisms (Technical)
As we look toward upgrading this forum with new software, it would be helpful to know what is NOT working with the current forum software. Please help us by keeping your criticisms as short and concise as possible and limited to criticisms of the software (not people) so that it will be possible for us to review and report all of them. Thank you!
60 5 Technical Criticisms
June 15 by AFNetsuke
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The International Netsuke Society
*is vehemently opposed to the poaching of elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn and any other material taken from endangered species.

*Opposes trafficking, trade or commerce of illegal ivory, horn or any other illegal material.

*Supports and complies with all international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Endangered Species Act, and the African Elephant Conservation Act.

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